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PrintonDirect accepts print-ready pdf-files. The files should be saved with 3mm "bleed" (see below) and visible cut (trim) marks.

To get the best discounts, we recommend that the size of the product is identical with any standard format PrintonDirect uses. However, we will print most formats available on the market.

The "bleed area" is the 3mm area outside the actual product that is used to prevent any white edges from showing at the borders after the final product is trimmed. Any image touching the product border, should be uploaded to the bleed area (i e 3 mm outside the border).

Try to get the resolution as close to 300dpi as possible (If you are unable to measure the quality of the image, try to make it larger than the product. If the pixels (the tiny squares) become too visible, your resolution is probably too low.) Please note that most images taken directly from the Internet, have a resolution of 72dpi, i e too low to use for printing.

Upload print-ready files