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Questions and answers when ordering cards and other products from

Our service means that you can create and order print material online. Products include business cards, labels, invitations, flyers and more. The easiest way is to choose a template and add text. With our advanced design tools, you can then upload your own images, change text and create your products exactly as you like. After paying online, the order will be sent directly to your home/office address.


How do I personalize my own cards and create an order?
Choose a template.
Add a standard reverse side (if available on that template)
Insert your information and/or move on to "Advanced editing".
Check your product that everything is ok. The product will be printed EXACTLY as you created it. Choose Continue and go to Cart to complete the payment procedure.
Choose delivery time, add ons, paper, quantity and more in the Cart.
Please check again that all information is correct.

At Checkout, please log in if you are an existing customer, alternatively, add your delivery details.
Pay with credit card or thru bank transfer (currently only via IBAN and SWIFT(BIC), i e international transfer).
A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

I can't find the template I'm looking for?
You can either send us a print-ready pdf (see instructions) or start with a blank template where you can upload your own design.

Can I order products in any other way than designing myself?
Print-ready pdf's can be sent thru our special form (please see image and pdf requirements)

How can I remove an item from the shopping cart?
Click on "Delete" in the shopping cart" and the cart will get updated automatically.

How do I cancel or modify an order?
Please contact (urgently) Customer Service to get the order status. The order can be cancelled or modified if the production has not started.

How can I preview my card/product?
Your product can be viewed in real-time in "Create product"-mode. A copy will also be included in the Shopping Cart thru "mouse-over".

What requirements are needed by the web-reader to be able to purchase your products?
We use javascript which enables you to add products to your shopping cart. Therefore, you need to allow Javascript from our web-site to your web-reader.

How do I contact Customer Service?
By using the contact form in our Support section.


How are the goods delivered?
They will be sent to the address you specified. Larger shipments may need to be collected from the Post Office.

How long does it take before receiving the goods?
Normal delivery time is 14 working days from ordering date. Express delivery is 7 working days.

Why have my products not arrived?
Contact us by using the contact form and we will investigate why and let you know a.s.a.p.

How much is the delivery cost?
The regular delivery cost is USD 9.99 per item and then according to weight and chosen delivery time.


How can I make the payment?
PrintonDirect currently accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express and pre-pay through bank transfer.

How do payments with credit card work?
When you pay with credit card the payments are handled by Dibs ( It works as follows: - When you have chosen "Pay" you are linked to Dibs's safe server. - Choose type of credit card, insert the number and expiration date and the CVC2/CVV2 code (a 3 digit number (the last three) on the reverse side of the card. With American Express there are four numbers at front of the card. - Dibs confirms the data and that there is money in the account. - The amount is debited to your account. - PrintonDirect has now agreed to deliver the ordered products to you.


How do I return goods?
In case of damaged goods you need to contact Customer Service within 14 days of receiving the products. The damaged goods should be returned in their original package. Please specify the cause of returning the goods in the attached form! Attention! Prior to returning any product, Customer Service needs to be contacted to give their approval and provide necessary documents. The responsibility of damaged goods is limited to the amount of the purchase.

How do I get my money back when approved?
The payment can only be returned to the same credit card that was used at the time of order, or to the same bank account in case of transfer. Any other options are not feasible. This is to protect the credit card holder from fraud.