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Birthday invitation with theme

A fun theme for the birthday party raises feelings and expectations. Let the theme inspire the whole party - from the invitation cards to the music to the clothes.

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Children's party invitation with a monster theme
Monsters and astronauts on the children's party

Children love (please) monsters. And spaceships with funny characters. Two themes for the kids' party that can't go wrong. Get inspiration for the invitation cards.

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Green leaf-inspired design on save the date card
Save the date card to match the wedding

The first important step to the perfect wedding. Look for inspiration before designing Save the Date cards.

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Wedding couple in nature. With Russian title.
Wedding with luck

In different cultures, rituals and customs give luck to the wedding day and the after. Tips for planning the happy wedding.

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Marshmellows with hard rock inspiration for invitation cards.
Mr. Marshmallow with a hard rock theme

Everyone will love it. With hard rock as the party theme, you only need Jack Daniels and marshmallows. With Gene Simmons as bouncer, nothing can go wrong.

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Symmetrical business cards with minimalist design
Minimalist business cards of the time

In tough times, simplicity is the key word. Include the most important things you want to communicate on the business card and the customer understands what you represent.

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Printed matter with different brands.
How to build a brand?

Build and communicate the brand in the right way. What to consider.

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Advertising cards as a marketing example
Five tips for marketing via social media

Read about POD's strategy for social media. We talk about how we do it and the most common mistakes to avoid. And how important it is to look at the competitors.

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Inspiration for a baptismal invitation on a card with a baptismal motif.
Baptism. The most important day of the year.

With the right inspiration and ideas, we'll help to make the baptism ceremony a day to remember. From the Invitation to the Thank You Cards.

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Custom design Christmas cards
What to write in Christmas cards

You’ve taken the perfect Christmas photo - now comes the hard part. Get help and inspiration to design the perfect Christmas greeting.

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DIY wedding themes
Control your wedding budget

We'll share everything you need to organize the perfect DIY wedding. Visualize and prioritize are the keys to success.

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Color combinations and designs that evoke emotions
2021 will be the year of the uprising

Mix color combinations and fonts that violate all natural laws. Invitations will be noticed and expectations raised.

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